MalagaOne, the Malaga local business digital club was born with the aim of promoting the importance for the local community of local entrepreneurs, merchants and professionals.

The small and medium-sized company is more than an industrial fabric in a community, it is the engine of this, and it is the one that defines the quality of life of the inhabitants of the city or region. At Málaga One, we are convinced that consuming in the local business is not just an expense, but an investment that has a direct or indirect return in the community.


“To be the digital channel for the promotion and exposure of the local business in Malaga and of the cultural, sports and social activities and others of general interest in the city”


“Promote the benefits that consumption in small and medium-sized local businesses by citizens generates in the local community, so they should be considered not only as an expense, but as an investment”


Quality that distinguishes independent and successful entrepreneurs.

Rectitude and knowledge when carrying out our activities.

Regarding the strength of the organized collaboration that allows to be effective and efficient in the achievement of the objectives.

Spiritual level in terms of the professional versus personal life equation since this balance is key to being able to offer the best of each one and therefore results in a higher quality of services.

As an element to rethink each situation that we have to face the situations that life poses to us.


"The local business creates stable and quality employment . Therefore, the more we contribute to the success of local entrepreneurs, the more benefits we will obtain for our loved ones."

We have shown you our Mission, Vision & nbsp; and Main Values, without which nothing you read should make sense. It is our way of life and the fundamental pillars of our community , to which you are one step away from belonging.

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